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  • Can We Fix Bad Politics With More Politicians?

    I think this happens to be a good idea.  I support it.



    Can we fix bad politics with more politicians?


     One California reform group believes the best way to deal with California’s broken political system is to elect more politicians – thousands more – to statewide legislative office.

    It’s a counterintuitive idea that seems wacky at first, but has surprisingly sound reasoning behind it. Such a measure might even be on the 2014 statewide ballot.

    Since 2011, San Diego-area venture capitalist and former GOP presidential candidate John Cox, chairman of Rescue California, has been pitching the idea of a “neighborhood legislature.” Californians who want to fix the state’s political problems tend to focus on term limits, campaign-finance reform, open primaries and part-time legislatures. Whatever the merits of those ideas, he says, they miss the main problem, which is a lack of representation.

    California has the largest number of citizens represented by the fewest number of politicians. One Assembly member represents 483,000 Californians. In New Hampshire, with the most representative statehouse, one member represents roughly 3,300 residents. In California, there’s little chance to influence or even meet with your own legislator. In some states, a legislator is more likely to be a neighbor than a professional politician and will presumably be more attuned to local issues than the demands of interest groups.

    One doesn’t get elected here by canvassing door to door, but by raising enormous amounts of money, which means currying support from the developers, unions, environmentalists and big businesses that want something in return, according to Cox.

    The idea is fascinating, even if it gets bogged down in the details.

  • Liberty 101: The Scope of Government

    A friend of mine, J.E. Dyer, writes at The Optimistic Conservative's Blog.  She has started a new series called, "Liberty 101."  Because I think what she has to say is important for Americans to know at this time, I am publishing her first essay here, "The Scope of Government."  I hope you find it as insightful as I do.

    Please go to her blog, The Optimistic Conservative's Blog and read the great conservative ideas and essays from J.E. Dyer.


    Liberty 101: The scope of government


    Readers, I am launching a new series called Liberty 101.  Each Liberty 101 post will treat a particular aspect of the philosophy of liberty and limited government.  I believe a series like this is necessary because we are now raising generations of Americans who have never heard these arguments – and who indeed have effectively been taught, in the schools, that liberty is an evil condition which prevents the well-intentioned among us from helping suffering people by using the tools of government.

    Some basic ideas

    The truth about liberty is quite the opposite.  Nowhere are suffering people helped as much or as well as they are when the conditions of liberty prevail.  The hand of government in their help is a very limited one: the main useful roles filled by government are providing national security; respecting and regularizing property ownership, among a set of important “negative rights” such a religious and intellectual freedom; enforcing contracts; and policing the streets.  Under the American system, these roles are filled by different levels of government, so that all power is not concentrated at a single level.

  • Gary Aminoff Interviewed on Politics

    I appeared on a TV show on the internet today.  It was a wide-ranging discussion of politics.

    Click on the video of the show to watch it.  It is about an hour.  


  • We Honor America's Fallen Heroes

    Memorial Day is a special day of remembrance to honor those Americans who have fallen in battle protecting the precious liberty and freedom we are privileged to enjoy in this great country. 

    "That from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion"

    These iconic words delivered by President Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg embody the true meaning of Memorial Day:  to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of freedom.

    Each member of the Armed Forces swears an oath to support and defend the Constitution.  The unspoken part of that oath is the willingness to lay down one's life to protect our liberty.  Our freedom is not free, and the sacrifices of service men and women throughout history stand as constant, powerful reminders of the price.

    President Lincoln said, "to truly honor these heroes, we must steadfastly resolve to continue their noble fight against all who would threaten our way of life."
    Memorial Day

    We join all Americans in paying tribute to those heroic men and women who gave their lives in service to our country and to their families.  We are eternally grateful for their selfless sacrifice.



    Gary Aminoff


    Gary Aminoff

  • The Takeover of the American University System by the Left

    The left has completed its takeover of the American University System.  The leaders of the Frankfurt School, and other leftists, came to America in the 1930's, as Hitler rose to power.  Dedicated Marxists, they decided that there was not going to be a violent 'workers revolution' in the United States.  They felt that they would have to achieve their goal of bringing Marxism to America by gradually infiltrating into its cultural institutions, not by revolution.  They targeted the educational system, the press and the media.  They felt if they could control those institutions, they could gradually change the culture in America to one which would be more accepting of Marxist principles.

    Their success has been phenomenal.  By taking over the entertainment industry, newspapers, television and film, they have managed, sometimes subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, to indoctrinate Americans into accepting and believing in leftist/Marxist ideals.  The days when Americans were free, economically and personally, are fast disappearing as the "Big State" takes over deciding for Americans how their lives should function, and what they can and cannot do.  The idea of taking the risk of starting a business so you too can become rich, has given way to the notion that the rich are evil and their wealth should be redistributed to those not as successful.

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